glad i found this place

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glad i found this place Empty glad i found this place

Post  meat on Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:53 am

i may be late to the party but glad i got here.i always like the 2k football seris,felt like i had no choice but to play the madden seris.i stumble across the website about 2 weeks ago and order nfl 2k5 from amazon.i already had a ar max since i play Fire pro wrestling,nothing like seeing Ric Flair take a macho man elbow drop and getting busted open.My first game was against my best friend,bears vs chargers.and the bears played like there real life conterpart.Jay made some great throws and was picked off 2.The D was great.and Hester had 200 yards total.lost 23-17.i also will help by donateing to this place.Wish i would hav found NFL2k5rosters alot sooner than now.If any of you guys hav a Wii or gamecube i highly suggest u get this tool:
SD media launcher
it lets u run emulators on your wii or gamecube without a mod chip or the homebrew channel.


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